I don’t get to this site very much.  Yes, I know, you can tell.

I’ve lost track of the trumpets in all honesty.  I sold the Olds Super Star Ultra Sonic.  Since then, I’ve bought and sold a couple of Olds Studio models, sold a Special and a ’57 Ambassador, and finally settled on a really nice Special as my daily player.  It has very minimal dings and scratches, and has 3 different plating colors on it.  I also still have a nice silver Ambassador, and a 70s model lacquer Ambassador.

I had been using a Yamaha 14B4 gold-rim mouthpiece, but acquired a vintage Olds Mendez 2 mouthpiece, and started using that.  I have a little more ease getting up above the staff with it.  And I think it’s cool to use a vintage Olds mouthpiece on a vintage Olds trumpet.

I’m still playing only with the Florence (KY) Community Band.  I’d like to spread out and play more.  Hopefully some opportunities will present themselves.  I would love to play with a big band.

We’ve been back in Lexington for just about a year.  I suppose we’re settled in now.  I’m still not as keen on living in the city, but I’m used to it.  McConnell Springs is a nice and close diversion when I get the need for some woods and creeks.

We originally were attending Clays Mill Baptist Church when we first moved.  The Lord allowed us to meet a really nice couple from Lighthouse Baptist Church in Nicholasville, KY.  We visited with them one Sunday, and the Lord put us there to stay.

One good thing about the central Kentucky area is that there is almost always a good choice of things to go to and do on the weekends, especially within 30-40 miles.  We like that, now that we are nesters and have more free time.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Talk to you again in another year or so, the good Lord willing.

(cartoon is Garfield, by Jim Davis, from 7/24/2018)